Spectrum provides three basic services to the federal government; these services involve detention, transportation and security services relating to federal prisoner/detainees. Although Spectrum focuses upon these three divisions of services, the company has provided a variety of other services in the past and is becoming increasingly capable of providing such services.

Although Spectrum's origin involved a focus upon security services, the company rapidly diversified into transportation and detention services. Spectrum's heavy involvement in detention services is of especial importance. Spectrum's strong and steady growth has allowed the company to achieve various economies of scale as well as the efficiencies which result from diversification and specialization. With respect to these last two aspects, Spectrum now has an officer corp comprised of over two hundred officers of differing skill levels and training who can be dispatched to a particular project depending upon its unique requirements. As our officer corps grows, we continue to enhance its variability, in terms of experience as well as additional education and training. This allows Spectrum to achieve greater diversification and specialization.

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I. Detention Services

Spectrum provides detention services for a variety of federal agencies. This aspect of our services represents the largest component. We provide 24 hour detention services at various federal facilities. Our personnel are highly trained and carefully educated as to the nature, requirements and possible difficulties within this field. Detention services often require our detainee/prisoners to attend judicial proceedings. Accordingly, our personnel are also trained to conduct themselves in an appropriate, knowledgeable and respectful manner.

II. Transportation Services

Spectrum provides transportation services for many of the same agencies requesting detention services. Our experience with transportation services is broad and deep. We have a variety of unmarked cars and vans. Our drivers are highly trained and experienced. We place an emphasis upon secure communication's technologies, protocols and standards. Upon notification, Spectrum can send our personnel to any federal location. We will transport the detainee/prisoner in a safe, efficient and secure manner. It is always important to us to take every precaution possible to make certain that the health and safety of the detainee/prisoner is secure. We can dispatch officers to most locations within one to two hours. 

III. Security Services

Spectrum provides security services to federal agencies who have detainee/prisoners in need of medical or therapeutic services. Given the fact that many of these detainee/prisoners have health concerns, Spectrum has a range of policies, protocols and standards designed to support the health concerns of these patients. We can dispatch a variety of officers with specialized skill sets designed to help with these concerns. Our officers may be either unarmed or armed, depending upon the security levels of the detainee/prisoners. We will retain the custody of the detainee/prisoner for as long as the medical or therapeutic condition requires and then notify the agency at the appropriate time. Our average response time once Spectrum is contacted is two hours. 

IV. Other Services

Over the years, Spectrum has worked for many government agencies and in this time has provided a great variety of services. Spectrum has guarded military facilities, guarded both ships and boats involved in international smuggling operations, and taken custody of detainees who were located in environments other than hospitals.



Spectrum seeks not only to meet federal standards but to exceed them when possible. The most obvious example of this is our educational and training programs which are designed with far more than technical skills in mind. Many other examples might be identified. With respect to detention services, Spectrum often escorts prisoner/detainees to and from judicial proceedings. Spectrum officers are increasingly well trained not only to conduct themselves in a manner appropriate to that forum, but also educated as to the structure and functioning of the judicial system, the nature of the process itself, and the roles of its various functionaries. With respect to transportation services, Spectrum officers are increasingly well trained to not only conduct the transport in a safe and efficient manner but also trained by means of hypothetical case studies to think through problematic situations which have not yet occurred. With respect to security services, Spectrum officers are increasingly well trained not only to provide safe and secure custody for prisoner/detainees, but to also consider the impact of security protocols upon their unique medical and/or psychological concerns and, furthermore, to think through complex scenarios designed to demonstrate the potentially conflicting nature of an environment replete with diverse and multiple actors, such as doctors, nurses, administrators, federal agents, members of the public, multiple prisoner/detainees, etc.